Energize Duel – Engels

Away with passivity. Motivate your team.
54 duel cards that get your team moving for an energetic start to your workshops, team building, or event.


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This game gets your team moving!

Energize Duel is the perfect card game to boost the energy in a team or group. The game is designed to replace traditional energizer rituals and provides a fun and active way to motivate the group. With Energize Duel, you challenge your colleagues to a series of active 1-on-1 duels. The game includes short and simple instructions, so you can start quickly. Win with rock-paper-scissors or be the first to reach the other side like a frog. Whether you’re starting the day with a team meeting or a training session, Energize Duel is the perfect way to elevate the atmosphere and prepare your team for a productive session!

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